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artist statement

Nella Alao originally from Lisbon she started painting oil by canvas in 1996 as a self - taught artist.  In the same year she received an invitation to show her paintings at  a New Artists Art Competition in Lisbon, where a panel of prestigious Portuguese Artists presided.  She was honoured with a 3rd prize, as a result of this her vision,  confidence and enthusiasm in painting flourished which in turn improved her creations. 

Nella Alao original art and decor

Nella's inspiration in Fine Art has come from her fascination of any scene of nature like mountains, sea, beaches, deserts, lakes, etc coupled with her fond memories of Portugal; the sun, sea, beaches and skies have all made their impression. Her creations of painting landscape, seascapes, atmospheric and detail of nature are dependent on her inspirational moods; from calm and relaxing colours, textures, rhythms & movement to a more vibrant setting.

She likes to be self-taught artist as she is irreverent to follow academic rules, times and concepts, she likes to follow her own instinct on art, have the big challenge to get the results using her own creativity, her own "language".

In 1998 she attended the “Ricardo Espirito Santos” Arts & crafts College where she mastered many of her painting techniques, including porcelain, tile and many other various decorative techniques like gilding. However to her own creativity and eagerness to improve her self expression ideas comes from the absence of any formal training. Also that same year she was a nominated member of an Art painter’s group called “Arcoartis” which concentrated in the participation and creation of new Art Exhibitions . 


Between 1998 and 2004 she gained a position working alongside prestigious Interior Designers in Lisbon where she made an immediate impression. Her experience and knowledge in decoration enabled her to complete many elaborate works; within luxurious private houses, restaurants, cafes & public spaces. Her own creations and painting were sold within the same establishments for many years.

She has also worked in the Decorative Arts, on pieces of decoration like large frames, revamped furniture change the old finish to a modern one, hand finish ornaments & lamps and sold her art in porcelains and oil paintings. She was a supplier of hand-painted and -finished frames to Printemps in Lisbon, where she used a variety of styles including gold & silver leaf , shabby chic, paint & patina , etc.

In 2008 she moved to London where she created her own studio to work from in her house. Throughout the years to date she have been participated at  exhibitions in Portugal, Uk and Ireland, she have collectors of her artwork around the world inclusive Europe, USA, Arabic countries and Australia.

After living in greater London  she moved to countryside where she is delighted with surrounded landscapes, seascapes and amazing view of Sky that she can contemplate from her house / Studio.

As fine art and interiors design is her big passion, she has been working hard and focus to improve the techniques and creating more and better artwork. In fine art manly she works with oil and watercolours in a style of Impressionism, Semi-Abstract or Abstract. Also creating beautiful pieces of décor giving a modern and sophisticated style in old furniture.

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