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 The end of the harvest, hay bales on field

Original Oil Painting on Cotton Stretched Canvas. 
A beautiful landscape of the end of the Harvest when the Hay Bales still in the fields. The sky is cloudy as the beginning of autumn the rain is arriving after a warm dried summer. A typical British landscape that surrounds me in East Sussex where I am based. I love the contrast of colours in this time of the year, The farms in ochre and the forest, parks and fields still in many tons of green and the sky is getting dramatic with beautiful raining clouds. 

This painting was created with layer by layer, to create the deep of landscape with hills far away, texture on painting and light and shadows. 

The end of the Harvest, hay bales in the

Oil painting on stretched canvas



24 x 30 x 0.8 (inches)

60cm x 80cm x 2cm


Price :  £1500



Ready to Hang

Best quality of materials


Hand-signed and  artwork details on back of Canvas



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