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 Golden Desert

Original Oil Painting on Cotton Stretched Deep Canvas. Golden Desert is an Impressive and large painting in mixed  style of Impressionist and Abstract. 

Golden Desert is a large oil painting that captures the beauty and richness of the desert landscape.

Painted with many layers and palette knife to create the effect of the volume on rocks, a painting with a good perspective of distance, abundant in ocher / yellow hues  which give a sensation of gold and the rich warm colours of the sky. 
The inspiration comes from Nella fascination about deserts.  Deserts in all parts of world, are majestic, impressive and unique where the life is a challenge . Sahara, Grand Canyon, Almeria in Spain, Asia, Middle East, ... 

Golden Desert, Large oil painting, original and unique. Contemporary art for sale

Oil painting on stretched deep canvas



30 x 40 x 1.5 (inches)

76cm x 102cm x 4cm


Ready to Hang

Best quality of materials


Hand-signed and  artwork details on back of Canvas.

Free delivery to UK



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Painting in Studio

golden Desert side view.jpg

Painting in Studio

Golden Desert in studio.jpg

Painting in Studio

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