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Illusion of the Red Land  

Original Oil Painting on Cotton Stretched Canvas. Red colour is associated with meanings of desire, passion, love, power, lust . The Light going towards the red land however can be an Illusion as Red also meaning blood, fire, danger, anger, malice.
Better look for the Gold land behind, where the trees are, and the sea water splash softly on sand.
An Impressionist closer Abstract Style, full of vigour, movement, vibrant colours involved in a beautiful blue Prussia of the sky and sea.

Oil painting on stretched canvas


31.5 x 31.5 x 0.8 (inches)

80cm x 80cm x 2cm


Price : SOLD 


Free Delivery in UK & West Europe

Recorded delivery.


Ready to Hang

Best quality of materials


Hand-signed and  artwork details on back of Canvas.



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