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interior design work

I am also passionate by interiors design and all about home decor. I appreciate beautiful pieces of art independently of the style and period. For this reason I did an intensive course of decorative arts in a prestigious school Escola Artes Decorativas Ricardo Espirito Santo in Lisbon, that included painting in porcelain, tiles, painting furniture etc. Also I did an intensive course of gilding at Giltwood Restoration, London. I attended for one academic year at Scola for the course furniture restoration.

In Lisbon I worked in collaboration with interiors designers in a decor of private and commercial spaces. I had the best experiences with these professionals, we did amazing work and made happy clients.

Gilding, gold leaf, decorative arts Nell

I did a work of decorative arts in a restaurant that I decorated in a traditional techniques a big frame for a panel and a big stained glass to be on the ceiling and lights pass trough. 


In private houses I transformed a plain wardrobe doors with frames decorated hand finished in a similarity of colour and pattern to the fabric of the bed cover, cushions and curtains. Made with high precision on measurement to a perfect fit.

wardrobe doors

The client had some spare mirrored glasses and she asked if we (me and the interior design) want to use them to any work, as the same time she wanted a different wardrobe doors, I had the idea how to use them, and this work is the result of a good idea. 

work wardrobe doors
wardrobe doors decoration hand made by Nella Alao interiors design hand painted, hand painting, excellent, unique, exclusive, decor, home, home decor, luxury homes,

For the bathrooms I created beautiful decor hand finished frames in a good selection of prints also I did on beautiful pieces of marble resin a chic finishing in wall mounted lights.

creation of wall lights
creation of wall lights and pictures
Frames and wall lights

In collaboration with a Interiors design shop I created many decorative pieces, especial décor in frames for beautiful and chic prints, the shop owner had same objects that didn't make sales so I changed the style with a more sophisticated finished using gold leaf, silver leaf and other pieces a touch of gold in paint.  

In Christmas season I made a beautiful windows display with pieces created / decorate by myself.

All pieces had my artist signature  and attached a small personalized certificate card. 

Shop decor for Christmas
Decor for interiors design shop
Christmas decor in a shop
pieces of decor in a shop
Shop Decor with pieces
window display with pieces of art.jpg
Christmas window display
pieces of art for interiors design shop

A private client had a set of metallic dinner and living room furniture in a finished colour not fashion anymore. She wanted to change but very undecided what furniture should have. I suggested to change the finished instead to change all furniture. the client was very happy with fashionable and good result of the work.

set of furniture before changing the fin

Before a new finishing be applied

After decoration work on furniture eleme

After decoration 

Set of furniture after have a new style,

Beautiful furniture set with a new look

This private client wanted a functional and resistant "shelf" where she can leave keys and other items a soon she is inside of her house. My suggestion was a strong column decorated matching a marble colours on floor, and above the column a mirror, however she wanted a "different mirror". So I created a mirror with the same width of the column and the top large enough to create an interesting and elegant mirror frame hand finished with same colours, materials and techniques used on column.

Column hand finished
column in raw
mirror frame unfinished
set mirror column hand finished decorate

Initially I created an example of the decoration finishing in small pieces of decor, after client approved I worked on final pieces.

final work in costumer Hall