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 Oversize Painting 

Impressive Painting for a Special Wall 

In the Kingdom of Adamastor

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Oil painting canvas



83.46 x 51.57  (inches)

212cm x 131cm 


Shipping Worldwide  in a Tube 

Recorded delivery.


Best quality of materials


Hand-signed and artwork details on back of the Canvas.

Certificate of Authenticy  


An Extra large Painting with a great composition of colours, contrast, light and shadows. Its Neptune.

I am passionate about Sea, I created this painting in a abstract style using my favorite colours predominating the sea blue / green, with darkest colours and applying movements of strokes I created waves of colour that I associate with the impetuous and dramatic Neptune.

However soft and calm colours suggest peace and harmony.  

Its a luxurious painting ideal to an Impressive and luxurious room or space.

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