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Hanging gardens is a Diptych (a group of multiple paintings, here a pair), floral original oil painting on canvas in a semi-abstract style with mixed techniques.
Beautiful hanging flowers. Gold leaf shines like the rays of sunshine between flowers.
A arch it's formed by the flowers hanging around, looks the light comes from the centre, inviting to pass through.
 It's a very calm and healing painting. 
Amazing colours of dark purple, amethyst, lilac and white in grey creating shadows and contrast.
Painting with texture as used the oil thick to create the flowers with pallet knife.
In the background of light warm and soft colours creating the sense of light, in a blush, beige and peach.
 Ready to hang.
Free delivery to the UK. Each painting is 24" x 24" / 61cm x 61cm

Hanging Gardens (diptych)


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