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purple highlands

Original art painting Watercolour on paper Landscape purple Highlands
Purple Highlands I
Watercolour painting Landscape of the mountains in Highlands purple land and sky
Purple Highlands IV
Sunset in Loch reflections of the purple clouds on water
Purple Highlands II
Loch with Mountains on size its a sunset dramatic purple sky
Purple Highlands III
Watercolour on paper Landscape purple clouds aproached in a purple lake
Purple Highlands V
Watercolour on paper Landscape small loch lake with mountains and purple sky
Purple Highlands VI

 A Set of Original 6 paintings make the Series of these Highlights 


Medium: Watercolour on 300gsm acid-free paper

Size: 18cm × 12cm (unframed) ;  with frame 19,5cm x 13,5cm

Signed on the front and back

If would like to Buy a single painting or a set less than 6 paintings just text me to say which number is.

The Beautiful Highlands delight us with a dramatic skies and landscape scenes 

This Set of 2 paintings with black frame    £ 120
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