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 The sea is getting rough

Original oil painting on cotton stretched deep canvas. 

Walking next the beach the scenery is dramatic and impressive, the white clouds are bringing the light in a grey background forming a stunning sky, The sea is getting  rough with waves breaking on the shore, A scenery that's the end of summer, in a blue / green sea water the colours are making the contrast with the white foam. Beautiful colours of the sea in a scale of blues and greens that the camera have difficult to be accurate, I can guarantee the painting in live is much beautiful.

The painting have a good movement that makes you feeling like observing the movement of the real waves. 

Sea is getting rough.jpg

Oil painting on stretched deep canvas



20 x 30 x 0.8 (inches)

60cm x 76cm x 4cm


Price :  £550


Free delivery in UK      


Ready to Hang

Best quality of materials


Hand-signed and  artwork details on back of Canvas



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